Thank you for your interest in the Extreme Flows Workshop. As of May 1, registration is closed. If you should still wish to attend, please email extemeflows@caltech.edu to find out if you may be accommodated.

Lex SmitsWe are pleased to announce the Extreme Flows workshop to honor the contributions of Lex Smits in the field of fluid dynamics. This three-day workshop will be held at Princeton University from May 16-18, 2014.

This three-day workshop will cover the extensive range of Lex's interests and contributions. Invited speakers will discuss the following topics:

  • Distorted turbulent shear layers
  • Shock-wave/boundary layer interaction
  • High-Reynolds number wall turbulence
  • Biomimetic flows
  • Instrumentation
  • Sports aerodynamics
  • Science communication, education and mentoring

Attendance by invitation